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E-zine Archive : 2013

E-zine Volume XIV, Issue #49
Tuesday, December 03, 2013
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Welcome to the ezine! Each week, we will be providing you with pertinent airline industry news, flight attendant hiring information, and feature articles relating to your job search. Our "Ask the Recruiter" section offers us a chance to respond to your email questions.  And our weekly "Where in the World?" photo challenges your geography knowledge.


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Ask the Recruiter


I keep hearing and reading about airlines conducting open house interviews. Can you explain what this is and what I could expect if I attended one? Thanks.


We have received several emails requesting information on what to expect at various airline Open House Interviews. This issue, we will discuss current practices at a typical Open House interview, although format may vary by airline.
The Open House Interview (also called Open Interview Session, Open Day or Job Fair) is a general information session for you and gives the airline a chance to screen a large group of potential candidates at one location. Sessions are scheduled after successful completion of an online prescreening (invited) or may be open to anyone (uninvited). Open House dates are usually published on the airlines website. members may use the 'Who's Hiring' links to go directly to the applicable airline web site page with specific Open House dates and information.
There is normally a morning and afternoon session. If there is achoice, we recommend scheduling the morning session, since
interviewers are freshest and friendliest in the morning. At the Open Interview Session, typically you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and will be given a short speech about the airline by a flight attendant representative. Each person may be then be required to take a written, multiple-choice test, which includes some customer service questions. Those that pass the test will be asked to remain while the others are excused. The remaining group will be asked to speak or read in front of the group. Usually, the topic deals in some way with customer service. Resumes may or may not be collected at the Open House. Most successful candidates are advised during this session of their advancement to a second interview, although airlines have also been advising some candidates by telephone, email or regular mail. There are sometimes individual interviews conducted at the Open House session.

Your presentation is very important during any Open House. Members should review the sections pertaining to interviewing, and "packaging," i.e. dress, grooming and attitude in the Application Center and in previous issues of this e-ZINE. In addition, review all interview questions and our recommended answers, especially those pertaining to customer service. A review of the Message Board and Interview Profile section will also yield useful information from individuals who have already attended an Open Interview session at a specific airline.
Email your questions to:  

Who's Hiring Flight Attendants?
This is a current listing from our website of just a few of the 39 airlines now hiring flight attendants or Inflight Managers. Note: If you are an member, you will receive this information before it is published in the ezine.

The following airlines are conducting upcoming Flight Attendant Open House Interview(s) in December, 2013 or are accepting online applications and/or resumes for flight atflight attendant or inflight management positions.

Airlines with asterisks (*) have posted Open House Interview dates.
New listings are as of this week.
Want specific dates and locations? Become a member of right now and gain access to the complete 'Who's Hiring' chart on the Members' home page. Expanded information includes dates, locations, interview addresses and reporting times along with other important information. We have recently added five international airlines to our database including those listed below. Multi-national carriers hire flight attendants from most countries.

  • Air Canada Rouge (new airline) 
  • Air Wisconsin
  • Allegiant 
  • American 
  • Cathay Pacific (Multinational)
  • Chautauqua*  
  • CommutAir
  • Compass*  
  • Easyjet
  • Emirates*
  • Endeavor Air (Formerly Pinnacle)  
  • Etihad 
  • ExpressJet
  • Frontier   
  • GoJet 
  • Gulf Air (Multinational)            
  • PSA
  • Qantas UK (International)
  • Qatar* (Multinational)
  • Republic*
  • Ryanair (International)
  • Shuttle America*  
  • Singapore (International)
  • Skywest      
  • Spirit*  
  • Virgin America       
  • WestJet      

Where in the World Photo Quiz


Last week's photo quiz answer (right): Aukland, New Zealand. 

This week, we are posting a photo (below) of a destination you may visit as a flight attendant. Do you know where it is? The answer will be posted in the next issue.







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Ask the Recruiter
Who's Hiring Flight Attendants?
Where in the World
Hiring Update



Only 1 out of 100 flight attendant applicants who "go it alone' get hired.


If you are rejected by an airline, you must wait 6 - 12 months to reapply.


The majority of flight attendant applicants have never seen the subject matter covered in new-hire training.


Most airlines require a 90% passing grade on all exams during new hire training.


Only 60% of new-hire flight attendants make it through new-hire training.


Only 50% survive the first year of employment.


Each airline receives an average of 2,500 flight attendant job applications per month.


Delta Airlines recently received over 44,000 job applications for 1,000 flight attendant positions.


Flight attendant recruiters are looking for 21 specific desirable qualities in applicants before hiring them.


Flight attendant interviews contain over 80% of "behavioral" type interview questions.


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